Congratulations on being chosen as one of Cloud 9's traveling dress photographers! 

What to do next

  • Look out for a Facebook message confirming your address. Your card will also be charged $25 in the next few days.
  • After we've confirmed all shipping addresses, you will receive an email with information on where to send the dress after your shoot.

start planning your shoot

  • Begin looking for a model and brainstorming how to style your dress! The dress is a size small and true to the color in the image below. 
  • Shoots should take place in the first two weeks of your assigned month, which will leave room for any delays or issues. 
  • Remember to leave time for dry cleaning the dress if necessary.


  • You are responsible for the shipping costs when sending off the dress.
  • Please have your dress shipped by the 25th of your month (22nd for Feb) at the very latest. 
  • You will receive a tracking number when the dress is shipped to you. When you ship the dress, please remember to message or email Safina Jamal with a tracking number for the next person.


  • You are free to share and blog about your traveling dress images at any time. 
  • Be sure to use our unique hashtag #Cloud9TravelingDress when sharing on Instagram and Facebook.
  • You may link to our Photography Cloud 9 Facebook Group if applicable


  • There are no rules on how you can style this shoot! Have fun and be uniquely you! Please do not damage or photograph the dress in potentially damaging conditions. 
  • By participating, you understand that you are responsible for all costs involving your photoshoot, including but not limited to: styling of additional accessories for the shoot, hair and makeup, models, shipping, and dry cleaning of the dress. You understand that you must send the dress to the next participant in the appropriate timeline. If the dress is not returned, damaged, or un-usable, you may be responsible for reimbursing the costs to other participants, up to $250.