"I absolutely love

working with Safina! My overall experience was amazing. This was my first time doing a real photoshoot and she made me very comfortable. She is so dedicated to her craft and it shows! I would definitely love to work with her again in the future!"


we are of the mindset

that you are still figuring out who you are at this age.  Your priorities are different. But underneath the pressure of being 17, you have this beautiful soul that will stay with you forever. It's our job to uncover that person.

this experience is for you if...


The makeover gallery. 


Meet Safina

I'm kind of living out my dream of how I would've wanted to be remembered as a senior. I try to use my role and platform to be one more positive voice for whoever is listening. It amazes me at this age, how many different sides of a person you can see. Everyone is so caught up and life is about to change, hard. So my job is to make you see the real you, the one that will never change. I take that responsibility seriously and appreciate you so much for being here.


what to expect

No detail is spared.

+ Before

  • Parents, contact us below to inquire about or reserve your date.
  • The $250 experience fee books your session and covers the entire experience. Images are purchased separately.
  • Safina reserves your hair and makeup artist for your makeover! Come with a couple ideas of how you'd like to look, or trust the expertise of our wonderful artist. It's up to you.
  • We send you an awesome email detailing where to go, how to prepare, and a location guide of our most popular locations to choose from. It has everything you need to get ready.
  • Contact Safina any time by text, call, or email with any questions you have before the shoot! She is happy to help with outfits, etc.

+ During

  • Arrive the day of your shoot with a clean face and clean hair. We start with hair and makeup in the studio.
  • We warm up in the studio, most people stop feeling nervous within the first look! We do a couple outfits inside, maybe try on some of the studio wardrobe, then prepare to leave for the outdoor portion of your shoot.
  • We spend the next 1-2 hours soaking in all the beautiful light and any locations you want! This is a super fun, liberating, experience that is sure to make you need a good meal after.
  • We have an assistant + our hair and makeup artist on set the entire shoot to do touchups and help with lighting, etc.

+ After

  • You come back to the studio in 1-2 weeks to see your final pictures. They are fully retouched & totally a surprise until this day! It's an emotional and unique experience to see that many breathtaking pictures of yourself all at once.
  • You and your parents choose which images you'd like to purchase. You can choose them all that day, or you can think about it and come back any time. There's no pressure to buy. Packages begin at $2300 and all include options for digital files.
  • That's it! After your images are purchased, you can take your digital files and share them online or print them 5 million times. Whatever your heart desires.
  • Take home one of our original Fringe Photography T shirts with your purchase.
  • Come back and see us any time!

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