senior portraits

Sally | Indiana Senior Pictures


You guys have probably seen this picture all over my website. I don't even know what happened here. We literally had just finished hair and makeup, and Sally basically sat down and did this. There's something about the tones, colors, light, and motion that is so ENCHANTING to me. I don't know.... do you feel the same?

The good news: you, too, can wear this beautiful dress for your senior portraits. It's waiting here in my studio wardrobe- just for you.

Through a window. I always love windows (even though they can be tricky!), if you get them right, you get beautiful light and catchlights in the eyes.

And... last but definitely not least, we ended up here. This field gets a perfect sunset in the perfect spot, and I would love to recreate this for you. I'm telling you- you would never guess where some of these photographs were located. Sometimes it just takes a small jewel in the middle of a busy part of town. What a perfect sunset! 


Leslie | Indianapolis Senior Portraits


Meet Leslie. Happy, outgoing, fun, and the perfect person to finish off my class of 2018 senior pictures! You'll see a lot more smiles from this girl. I think she can rock both looks, though.


We totally got carried away in the studio. Different looks, outfits, and how gorgeous is this crystal dress on her?! I'm beginning to love studio more and more for senior portraits. Let's reinvent what graduation pictures are supposed to look like!


I will never get tired of this light. If you come to my studio, you wouldn't believe how small and easy the setup is. It looks absolutely beautiful on everyone I photograph.


I told you there would be smiles! I can just imagine that this girl makes EVERYONE's day at school. Thank you so much, Leslie, for choosing me to do your senior portraits.