WANDERLUST | Destination portraits in Phoenix, AZ


Welcome to Phoenix, AZ, where it’s 103 degrees and your hair never gets frizzy, even after a tiny rain shower in the desert. As many of you know, my goal for 2018 was to TRAVEL and explore. There are so many beautiful places in the world, and as a photographer, you can never get enough of the new scenery.

WANDERLUST portraits are senior pictures in any location you can dream of. That means you can go during winter break, February, or whatever typically freezing time of the year and have an amazing destination session. There is no better experience to add to your SENIOR YEAR memories!


That being said, I think we all got enough desert to last a lifetime. Shortly after this picture was taken, we started heading back to the car on our little trail and were immediately greeted by a rattlesnake just laying across our path. No other way home. Just this path.

After closely escaping death and waiting for it to leave, we made our way for a few minutes before finding yet ANOTHER rattlesnake blocking our path. In the future, I’d prefer to keep my life and that of my clients a little safer.


McKenzi is such a natural in front of the camera and beautiful on the inside as well. I’m going to have to buy her backless ombre dress for the studio after seeing so many requests!


What are your thoughts on traveling and exploring for your senior portraits instead of having them done back home? I’d love to hear your questions and concerns. Let me know in the comments!