FRINGE FOR FEROCE- December Editorial

I have to make a confession. It has been THREE YEARS since I’ve styled an entire concept just for my own creative soul. I’ve done creative shoots in between, but never put the effort in to make it entirely planned and me. Finally, I went out, got wardrobe, hair, makeup, and a model and went to town.




Published in Feroce Magazine December 2018.


We started with hair and makeup in my studio. Concept was a Sophia Loren-esque bun, freckled face, smokey warm eyes. Megan pulled off exactly what I was looking for (which is why I and my clients LOVE her <3).

THEN came the fun part. We all left my studio here in Fishers, pleasantly surprised with the weather and how it was shaping up to be relatively warm. I chose a light coat and left my scarf and gloves at home. But by the time we got on location to Zionsville, mother nature had completely turned on us!!

It was raining. It was crazy wind and I swear the temperature had dropped 600 degrees. There were scared horses everywhere. It was dark and cloudy, and my poor helpers were struggling to hold onto the lighting equipment. We immediately switched gears and just took what we could get. Elliott was such a trooper with bare shoulders and goosebumps the entire time. We all made the best of it!


… and then this image made it all worth it.


In hindsight, I’m glad we didn’t get a gorgeous sunset here. The wind and miserableness really contributed to our final cloudy mood.

Who doesn’t love a crisp, clear window shot? While everyone was warming up in my car, I was psychotically walking around in the mud trying to shoot the perfect angle through my car windows. Can you believe this was taken in a Honda Odyssey? How much more glamorous can you get, right?

Some more unpublished from the shoot:


What do you guys think about the story behind our crazy shoot? It’s great to hear what us photographers and models really go through to get the shot. Let me know your thoughts xx