53rd STREET | Editorial for Picton Magazine

This shoot gave me so much joy <3. How cool is it to be able to work with your seniors and actually make them fashion models?? Seriously, Sally is now a published model in Picton Magazine. I’ve decided to dive deep into the fashion world for all my senior portraits.

The hat is by far my favorite set! It was a total accident, and by this time, we were both really tired. We decided to try just one more outfit. We threw the hat in just thinking it might look cool and I LOVE how it came out.

What’s your favorite look?


ALL TIME MOST LIKED- Favorites over the years

It’s almost Thanksgiving, and as usual, I’m feeling so thankful to be able to do this as my job! I’ve spent 3 short years photographing seniors- so much has changed that it feels like a lifetime. I thought I would plug in my Instagram stats and see what the most liked posts were over the years.

#1- SEPTEMBER 2018


#2- JUNE 2017


#3- JUNE 2016

#4- AUGUST 2016


#5- JUNE 2016


#6- JUNE 2017


#7- AUGUST 2016


#8- JUNE 2016


#9- NOVEMBER 2017


#10- JUNE 2016


#11- NOVEMBER 2015

#12- OCTOBER 2016

Anna | Indianapolis 2019 Senior Portraits

When your client walks in with like 20 dresses that you just want to steal- yep, that was Anna. I love long dresses, whimsical pictures, and we got so much out of her outfits! She was also just a super easy going and fun girl to photograph.


My ever so popular Mr. Pretty tulle skirt. Literally everyone that walks into my studio wants to wear it. I love how we can get a different look for everyone based on how we tie the top!




This has to be my favorite set. Out in one of my popular locations with the most gorgeous dress that I think 400 people have since asked me about. Did you catch the breathtaking 30x40 from this spot that we installed in her room?


What is your favorite look from her shoot? Are you finding yourself gravitating more towards the studio or the outside looks? Let me know!


WANDERLUST | Destination portraits in Phoenix, AZ


Welcome to Phoenix, AZ, where it’s 103 degrees and your hair never gets frizzy, even after a tiny rain shower in the desert. As many of you know, my goal for 2018 was to TRAVEL and explore. There are so many beautiful places in the world, and as a photographer, you can never get enough of the new scenery.

WANDERLUST portraits are senior pictures in any location you can dream of. That means you can go during winter break, February, or whatever typically freezing time of the year and have an amazing destination session. There is no better experience to add to your SENIOR YEAR memories!


That being said, I think we all got enough desert to last a lifetime. Shortly after this picture was taken, we started heading back to the car on our little trail and were immediately greeted by a rattlesnake just laying across our path. No other way home. Just this path.

After closely escaping death and waiting for it to leave, we made our way for a few minutes before finding yet ANOTHER rattlesnake blocking our path. In the future, I’d prefer to keep my life and that of my clients a little safer.


McKenzi is such a natural in front of the camera and beautiful on the inside as well. I’m going to have to buy her backless ombre dress for the studio after seeing so many requests!


What are your thoughts on traveling and exploring for your senior portraits instead of having them done back home? I’d love to hear your questions and concerns. Let me know in the comments!


Clay | Indianapolis Senior Photography

I can't say enough good things about Clay. He's a bright, well spoken kid, and he was a pretty good sport about me taking 200 pictures of him. Of course, we have to give major props to his mom- the outfits she coordinated were all classic and perfect for pictures. It was a nice change in scenery from my typical senior session.

Who would have expected purple to be such a clean and crisp color for pictures? 

Here we have a classic example of how risk and adventure goes hand in hand with a Fringe Photography photoshoot. Clay balances on top of a wobbly chair.. props again to Mom for the brick wall suggestion.


Clay, you killed it. Thank you for representing the boys this year! 

Sally | Indiana Senior Pictures


You guys have probably seen this picture all over my website. I don't even know what happened here. We literally had just finished hair and makeup, and Sally basically sat down and did this. There's something about the tones, colors, light, and motion that is so ENCHANTING to me. I don't know.... do you feel the same?

The good news: you, too, can wear this beautiful dress for your senior portraits. It's waiting here in my studio wardrobe- just for you.

Through a window. I always love windows (even though they can be tricky!), if you get them right, you get beautiful light and catchlights in the eyes.

And... last but definitely not least, we ended up here. This field gets a perfect sunset in the perfect spot, and I would love to recreate this for you. I'm telling you- you would never guess where some of these photographs were located. Sometimes it just takes a small jewel in the middle of a busy part of town. What a perfect sunset! 


Leslie | Indianapolis Senior Portraits


Meet Leslie. Happy, outgoing, fun, and the perfect person to finish off my class of 2018 senior pictures! You'll see a lot more smiles from this girl. I think she can rock both looks, though.


We totally got carried away in the studio. Different looks, outfits, and how gorgeous is this crystal dress on her?! I'm beginning to love studio more and more for senior portraits. Let's reinvent what graduation pictures are supposed to look like!


I will never get tired of this light. If you come to my studio, you wouldn't believe how small and easy the setup is. It looks absolutely beautiful on everyone I photograph.


I told you there would be smiles! I can just imagine that this girl makes EVERYONE's day at school. Thank you so much, Leslie, for choosing me to do your senior portraits. 

Take it back to...... This editorial shoot from 2017


I am so very lucky to get to work with someone who totally outdoes me on the creative styling spectrum. It's just a matter of time before my HMUA, Megan, gets swooped up and transplanted to LA. But for now, I'm totally hanging on to her. 

All I had to do was show up, and the girls had already been working on hair and makeup for hours. I have seen Megan work with a lot of hair- real and fake, and I could've sworn she had used fake hair on Lillian. It had that crimped look like synthetic hair. But no, it was completely real and hand crimped to look like this. 



This was the first look we started with. I was fortunate enough to win a coveted Silver award on this image in competition. We had beautiful natural light with a huge silver reflector, but I would say the key to this image was all in retouching. I typically do quite a bit more retouching than usual for my editorial work. Girls, if you're reading this, NO ONE has perfect skin. There are always problem areas along with makeup's natural wear and tear that need to be retouched. I am super picky and would rather spend more time on an image than to have it look smoothed out. Look for that detail in the skin!



Next, we moved on to these looks. The crazy part about Megan & me collaborating is that we have really different ways of preparing for a shoot. I like to show up and rely on my brain and experience to get me through. I'm rarely prepared. Megan, on the other hand, will have an entire mood board and prepare for weeks. It's a miracle, but somehow we always end up getting really cool results this way. 


At this point, during our last look, I was getting really worried about the light. I was using natural light for this shoot, and each look change took a good amount of time. As you can see, the images are grainer, but I think they turned out gorgeous with the low light. A really moody, contrasty look. 


What are your favorite images from this shoot? Comment and let me know. 

Happy Thursday!