The Editorial

I love giving my clients the Vogue-worthy, fashion editorial look to their portraits. What separates an editorial portrait from your typical senior pictures? The majority of it is my job- lighting, posing, and editing. But if you're incorporating this style into your session, we need your look to be very coordinated ahead of time. Here's a quick guide on how to prepare.



Senior pictures are focused completely on you. Fashion editorials are typically photographed to highlight the clothing you're wearing. So it's extremely important that your entire look- from outfit, shoes, accessories, nails, to the location we shoot in- is organized. Even if you forget to take off an earring or a necklace that you were already wearing, it can throw off your look. 

When I'm styling my own shoots, the first thing I do is decide on the outfit. Choose something that inspires you. Something that makes you think, "I can definitely pull this off!!" You need to feel comfortable in your clothing, and you need for it to fit you properly. Remember that in editorial world, you are a human hanger for this beautiful clothing. Just like the models :) 



Now, your clothing should be edgier than what you'd typically wear, or it should have a very specific theme to it. For example, the entire outfit could look vintage, or Western. Find things that are different, patterned, and fun. One thing I highly recommend is that you do NOT dress head to toe in trends (I see you, over the knee boots, lace up skirt, black choker). Trends aren't bad, but if you look at magazines, they're not styling their models in more than one trend at once.

Let me stop you right here. If you are the type of person who hates shopping and never knows what to wear, let me do the work for you! I will literally tell you what to buy. My clients are really 50/50 on having great style and not knowing what the heck they're doing. Styling is one of my favorite parts of my job, and I'm so happy to help you!

Lastly, think about color. Have a color palette of 5 or so colors that don't match, but all go well together. 




So, you have your base outfit. Dress, pants, shirt. Boom. Now we need to add on every possible detail. 

Shoes: you CAN go barefoot if it matches the theme. Otherwise, match the look and try not to buy cheap-quality shoes. Platforms, pointed toes, booties, sneakers, slip ons, flats, etc are everywhere right now. Platform heels are a no these days, and remember you don't have to wear the highest or any heel at all. 


Accessories: rings, body chains, bangles, chic watches, statement jewelry, hoop or statement earrings are my favorites. Baseball caps (if it matches), headpieces, flower crowns, and sunglasses. 



We're creating a unique look that if done right, will be timeless. You'll be able to look back on this and not cringe at your outfit decisions. 





Now we get to design the fun part, makeup. I typically play a larger role in this part for my clients, just because at high school age, you're not used to creating styled looks for the camera. Some editorials show off your youth and have very light makeup. Some are more smoky and dramatic. You may notice that rarely any of the models do the winged eye, cut crease, "Instagram makeup". We discourage that trend here because again, timelessness.



Again, I help my clients a lot with their locations. All my clients get a link to my location guide, which gives them the opportunity to look through where I typically shoot. Sometimes we'll juxtapose two looks, for example a prom dress in a parking garage, and sometimes we tie it all together in a theme.




Posing is my job, but it's still great if you prepare ahead of time. Know your good side. Stand in front of the mirror and make different head tilts, arm poses, and move your weight around your body to see where it looks best. Come on, I know you already do this!!



That's it! The world of editorial is unlimited with no right way to do anything. Different is what makes it good. If you have more questions for me, feel free to leave a comment below! I can't wait to help you plan your dream session this year! 




fringe photography is a high school senior photographer located in fishers, IN, and serving the surrounding areas of carmel, zionsville, mccordsville, and indianapolis.